Saturday, July 23, 2011

Testing My Creative Side

I have seen so many blogs lately where people have some of the most creative, crafty ideas. Of course I get so jealous when I see them cause I think to myself that I could never do anything that cute. Ever. So this weekend I decided to test myself and see what I can do. So I dragged Alex to Hobby Lobby with me, one of his least favorite places to be, to pick up what I "think" I might need to make my new home decor. Like any project, you always have this perfect idea in your head and what you will need to get the flawless, finished project. As I was going through Hobby Lobby I really didn't know exactly what I needed so I grabbed a blank canvas, 3 colored paints that I liked, some cheap paint brushes, and a stencil I thought would look pretty.

After checking out I was a little apprehensive to see how this would all turn out. Usually when I try to be crafty it turns out to be an ultimate fail. So needless to say I was a little nervous. I got started by just painting the entire canvas and then painting the stencil where I wanted it. I surprised myself because I loved it at this stage in the process. 

Last week at church Psalm 90:14 came up on the screen during communion and I just thought it was such a great verse to be reminded of everyday. So I decided I wanted to put that verse on here. Originally I was going to put it above our dresser in the bedroom so that we would see it when we wake up in the morning, but the color blue I painted it with clashed with our bedding so I moved it to our kitchen. 

Today I added the words and I wasn't as excited about the way it looked painting it on. I almost wish I would have had some sort of pen or a stencil, which would have been a ton of work, but I think it would have looked better. I do like it a lot and I think it will be a great reminder everyday, but just not as happy with the writing.

Here is the finished product! I am going to add some pictures underneath it but for now it's just over our kitchen table. So I would encourage you, if you aren't necessarily the crafty type, to branch out and try something! You might be pleased with the end result :)

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  1. This is great Lindsay! I saw it on instagram and didn't know it you had painted it or just bought it. I love the way the writing looks as well.

    Next time you need a partner for Hobby Lobby call me because I LOVE that store!