Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Want To Be Friends With...

Nate Berkus. So for real, has anyone watched his show? Since I am currently unemployed I have had the wonderful opportunity to watch morning shows. Great, right? Most of the time I go work out in the mornings, but sometimes I get to catch some of the shows that are on and Nate Berkus is by far my favorite right now. Im sure my parents will be happy to know that's how I'm spending my mornings, but it is what it is.

Anyways, he is awesome. First of all, he seems like the nicest person. In most of the segments of his show he is always doing things for other people. I know that sounds stupid, but if you watch the show you would understand what I'm getting at, maybe. But he just seems like a really nice person. Second, he has the BEST ideas. Anything he looks at can either be used in some setting of your home, wardrobe, or it is cheap! He is always bringing other creative people on the show to share their cheap, creative ideas as well. Almost anything you give to him, he could transform into the prettiest piece ever! People will bring random finds from yard sales and thrift stores to him to be transformed and they all end up looking so expensive and unique. I know he has a team of people helping him as well, but I'm just enthralled every time I watch the show.

It makes me so excited to eventually have our own home and be able to try some of his tricks. We're about at our max for anything to come into this little duplex of ours! Like I said in the last post, I am not super creative but want to start trying things because it can potentially save a lot of money in decorating and give your home a unique looks that really no one else has.

He is always offering budget-friendly ideas. This was a segment he did with a couple on a budget and how he re-did their bedroom. The headboard is literally plywood covered with fabric. And the side tables are off eBay that he repainted. How cute is that?

Ok, so enough of my rant and rave about Nate Berkus. I just wanted to share some of his awesome ideas!  I know that I'll definitely keep up on his ideas and hopefully be able to actually use some of them within the next few years! For now, I may just try little ones. :)

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